Most conversations in a bible study will eventiually drift to the "purpose discussion". So I would ask -Who are you, and why are you here? It seems so many guys want that answered as no one has ever told them. That is the job of a father, but today many otherwise good men do not seem to have fathers.


To answer "I'm Bob, or Bill....or Gabe" for that matter seems silly. Who are you really...and by extension...Why are you really here? A modern domesticated picnic basket-carrying "nice guy" might answer, "I'm Phil and I'm here because my wife tells me to go". Sound familiar? No I say!!

When asked WHO ARE YOU??, A Christian Warrior would answer - I Am A Mighty Man Of God and I Am Here To Fight And Resist Evil Wherever I Find It.

What a difference!!! It is a simple matter of clarity of mission and purity of focus. You need not go hunt for a job....God will bring one to you. And once you have been given your orders by the General of Generals...the Lord God of Hosts, you pick up your cross and move out.

This may be as simple and safe as teaching young kids about true Christianity on Sunday, or running your business as an uncompromising Christian leader. It may deal with teaching those whom God has called to the sword how to use it, or it may involve other things. Then again, God may make it far simpler and place you at ground zero of the next Virginia Tech shooting....or the next Flight 93. Be alert....and ready!

To serve with distinction, you must serve with your heart and your mind....all of it.

The next question may be WHAT DO YOU WANT?

A common secular man may ask for a Plasma TV, or to be liked by his shallow, spiritless, and undeserving co-workers. Not the Christian Warrior. His calling is higher than the approval of others. A Christian Warrior wants FREEDOM FOR HIS PEOPLE. The freedom provided by the gift of the Warrior Of Warriors, the Lord Jesus Christ. FREEDOM!!

I might add that we are also to emulate the Lord Jesus. Quite true! He is the Lamb, but He is also the Lion. We have been "lambized" so much we seem to have forgotten the ferocity of the lion. To many, the Lamb is comfortable, and safe, and cuddly, while the Lion is wild and unpredictable. Don't forget the Lion. We were born for battle....the greatest battle history has ever known. The battle between good and evil. The enemy wants us passive, secular pumpkin boys who are nice and sedate and who afraid of the fierce lion God has placed in our hearts, and convinces us to suppress it daily.

Do not fall to the lie brothers...embrace the Lion's ferocity. And if you are skilled and you are strong, never forget that it is by His hand that you are these things. Being proud of what God has called you to do is one thing...being arrogant is quite another.

Blessed be the Lord my rock
Who trains my hands for war
And my fingers for battle.

Psalm 144;1

And finally, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? That should be an easy one. I am going to join the army of the Lord in Revelations 19:11. I am going to Heaven with my God. That is the ultimate destination of my journey, and yours!

Those are the answers of a clear mind, a clear mission and a pure focus. Far too many of our brothers live by accident and have no real objectives in their lives. If that is you wake up! Snap out of the egalitarian opiate of the modern age and awake to your Christian Warrior heritage.

You have your orders, and God is watching..