As we whistle through the first decade of the New millennium, we find ourselves embroiled in conflict with a new enemy. The previous century saw conflicts between city-states, between small states, large nations and even between regions. We saw a “cold war” between political ideologies. This new war is much more than that and before the final shot is fired, we will see its zones of conflict will span and traverse all boundaries whether political, social, or of faiths. Truly it is a struggle of faiths. Colored otherwise as it may be by politician and media pundit alike, it is clear that this is a struggle between Islam (the so-called religion of peace), and the Christian-based nations of the Western world, with its focal point being, as it has been for decades, the tiny nation of Israel.

So it is with this backdrop that I want to examine the Christian Doctrine of Pacifism. I and may of my colleagues do not believe such a doctrine is biblically correct. My objective then is to find whence it came into acceptance, who brought it, and possibly determine why. Knowing this we can make rational decisions about whether such a perspective truly is of God…or not.

I want to point out that I am a born again Christian. Yet, although I prefer living in peace, I am no pacifist. When I became a Christian, I was prepared to sell all my guns and knives and adopt whatever life the Lord put in front of me. But the spirit did not lead me to cast away my sword, only to put it in its correct place…specifically as a tool of justice.

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